Breeding Prospects

Samzu consists of more than hundred species of birds, mammals and reptiles.
Every enclosure designed at Samzu consists of the natural habitat of the particular animal.

Desert Gazelles, commonly known as Chinkaras are given desert-like environment. The total area of the enclosure is 1 acre, with acacia trees and dry sand.

Our lions from South Africa breeds in 2.3 acres in area enclosure, on a trim grass land with a piece of heavy boulder to rest on.

It was a challenge to breed Hog deer but eventually after building the new enclosure which is 0.75 acre in area and consists of shrubs and grass, Hog deer had been breeding quite successfully.

The macaws and parakeets are given breeding boxes designed by the experts, to make their breeding certain.

Marsh crocodiles are surrounded by the marsh and swampy environment.We get about 200 crocs young ones every yr. The young ones are how ever separated from their mother once hatched and they are fed separately in a different pen. This avoids mortality.

We use Avian DNA Sexing services in UK for Macaws & other birds. In order to pair them. Since we have started sexing our birds, the results had been out class.

Thus every species at the farm is provided, with a very natural environment so that they can breed thoroughly.
The animals mentioned above were challenge to breed.

Vet treatment

Our learned and knowledgeable vet injects Fel-o-Vax pct, vaccines to our big cats. Herbivores are injected with Brucella Abortus RB-51 and Respishield 4L5 vaccines. Anti rabies and canine distempers by Fort Dodge and Merial, are used for Canids.


To shift the animals in a different enclosure we use a teledart gun RD-406 and to inject the vaccines we follow them same.

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